Malta Temple Journeys
    Malta is very much a ‘living museum’ with all its above ground, subterranean and underwater temples. Visiting these sites one gets the sensation that something truly important has happened here! And, it did! 
    Journeying the temples of Malta is a spiritual walking experience into the unfolding mysteries of Earth. These sacred sites convey a special understanding of the role the temples played throughout the evolutionary history of the human consciousness. During this journey through the mist of time, one will experience: an overview of the purpose of the temples, an in-depth opportunity to have a greater understanding of the sacred places on Malta and a deeper connection to the frequencies and vibrations of the ancient energies of the sites. 
Visiting these sacred temples will surely re-vitalize and re-generate us spiritually, emotionally and physically, and will heal and transmute any negative energy within, as we open our minds into the field of all probabilities. 
    Journeying to these mysterious sites is a truly enriching experience and a highly mystic event. 
Self-Temple Journeys

The guidebook The Cosmic Perspective to the 
Maltese Temples was written with the aim to encourage
people to do their own ‘self-guided journeys/visits’ to the temples. The book offers a cosmic and a spiritual perspective of these sacred sites - a very different position from that declared by historians or found in conventional, archaeological and tourists’ guidebook. 
     Together with the new Sacred Symbols eBook, The Cosmic Perspective to the Maltese Temples is a ‘must’ on your journey of discovering and understanding the Mystic Temples of Malta and Gozo. They can be your own ‘Virtual GPS’ and 'companion' to guide you on your discovery journey of these sacred sites. Use the protocol and the meditations found in the books to help you connect with these mystical temples. 
      N.B. I do advise visitors to explore the sacred sites on their own. I will be happy to share insights with you about the temples to set you on your personal journey to the sacred sites. And, I might even join you or your group on a day tour to selected temples.
Visiting Protocol:

The Temples’ energies have been dormant, unplugged, unused for millennia, since the Fall of Atlantis, and they are waiting to be re-energized and re-vitalized. Our Mission today is to establish a communication link with these sacred places in order to revive, reactivate and awaken their dormant yet powerful energies. How? Simply by: 
  • Visiting these sites,
  • Acknowledging the temple’s Energies and 
  • Connecting with their Spirit Guides and their Nature Spirits in silence. 
The temples will respond by establishing a communication link with those visiting. They will reawaken the dormant DNA and help our bodies in the process of changing from carbon to crystalline, and energise us with the vibration of the New Consciousness. 
By visiting these sacred sites we will energise and heal our planet and restore spiritual and ecological balance to Earth. This will bring changes in the energetic body of Gaia as well as to all living beings that walk and live upon her. Together with our Mother Earth we will be healed, lightened, and reformed; then the wonderful energy in each site will be released to bring Light to those places and people that have yet to wake-up. 

Each of us is a Sacred Temple with the heart as its altar. After visiting and connecting with energies of the sites we will become the ‘living temples’ for the New Era. As the new ‘walking temples’ our mission is to bring Light to the world, to be of service and to be an example of Light, and then to share and radiate these wonderful energies consciously through the sacred altar of our Heart.

(See full Protocol in A Cosmic Perpsective to the Maltese Temples)
Malta Temple Journeys

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