Malta Temple Journeys
Francis Xavier Aloisio was born on the island of Malta but spent more than half of his life abroad, first in Peru as a missionary priest and then in England where he eventually settled after resigning from the Church.  
   Whilst abroad, he realised that not many people knew about the temples of Malta. On his return home, he had a strong urge to find a way to promote the unique wealth of the Maltese prehistoric culture. Firstly he finished a collection of paintings depicting Malta’s journey throughout history; and then he started doing his own research on the Temples. He completed a trilogy on the temples of Malta. (see next page). 

I encourage visitors to explore the sacred sites on their own using A Cosmic Perspective handbook as a self-guided tour to the Maltese Temples from a Cosmic and Metaphysical perspective. - I will be happy to start your journey with an introductory and informative presentation and accompany you and your group on that day and then do the rest of the days exploring the sites at their own pace accompanied by A Cosmic Perspective (Soon it will be as Audio-Book) and Sacred Symbols.
About / Contact:
Francis directs and consults people/groups about the experience of the sacred sites found on Malta & Gozo, and now together with Christine Auriela, does the same to people who want to visit the Central Coast of California and to connect with the pure Lemurian Energies.

Christine Auriela has lived in Cambria on the Central Coast of California for most of 20 years. She spent many years as a teacher and Director of Cambria Co-op School while raising her two sons. Christine organized and hosted many ‘Wellness Fairs’ for healing and awareness of Self and Earth awareness on the Central Coast. This led her to the opening of Seven Sisters Mystical Emporium in Cambria. A karmic past brought Christine and Francis to each other by love in this lifetime. They are now paving the way for others to reconnect with their Atlantean and Lemurian past to help bring the best of both worlds back into balance and recreate the ‘New Golden Age’.  

Map of temple sites by Francis Xavier Aloisio.
The sites as mentioned in A Cosmic Perspective Handbook. All Rights Reserved
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The Prehistoric Temple sites on the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino