Malta Temple Journeys
Malta’s Incredible History: 

    A small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Islands have witnessed a multitude of cultures through centuries of foreign rule dating back to the Phoenicians and Romans, the Arabs, Normans, Spanish, the Knights of the Order of St John and French down to the British Empire. 
    Malta's history is rich and varied with many twists and turns. What these islands lack in space, they make up in an ancient, splendid and eventful history. No other country in the world embodies such wealth of tradition, culture and history that spans from prehistory to modern era. 
    Malta is small in size yet big in stature! It is surely a place of Magic and Surprises. 

MYSTIC MALTA - The Atlantis Connection: A Cosmic and Metaphysical Perspective
Malta’s Prehistoric Temples: 

Malta’s uniqueness lies in its Prehistoric Past. Malta is in fact a landscape of sacred sites. This small island with a land mass of a mere 123 square miles (320 km²) is home to more than fifty prehistoric temples. 
Yet: How many people around the world know about these mysterious sites?   And:
  • Who actually built these mysterious structures on Malta? 
  • Why are there so many sites?
  • What was their real purpose?   
Their Purpose: 

    There is more than one purpose to the temples. The temples were the device employed by Star Beings to catch the ‘life-giving energy’ of the Star Alcyone, of the Cosmos and of Sun rays inside and in underground laboratories, which was then transmuted into life essence. For this reason the temples were positioned on strategic powerful electromagnetic points of the earth. 

    So, the main purpose of the temples was to generate ‘life’ and to draw the power of the heavens into the womb of the earth, and to transmit it to the other power stations around the world through the electromagnetic grid in order to energise and vitalise the planet. Malta is located on very important longitude and these vibrational energies of the temples affect the major ley-lines of the Earth.

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