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Islands of Dream - The Temples of Malta – Hidden Secrets Revealed
Islands of Dream delves into the magic and secrets of the Maltese Prehistoric Temples.  These mysterious structures sat there in isolated silence for many centuries. Finally the secrets of these incredible prehistoric sites of Malta and Gozo are uncovered.

This novelogue recounts the meeting of a local couple with a foreigner in a series of fictitious dialogues and exchange of views about the prehistoric sites. Many of the ideas discussed question current theories about the Temples. Some of these will be the subject of disbelief, arguments and disagreement by many, but they will resonate with many others. This may be the first book that looks at these sites from a holistic perspective. 

The book is intended to challenge conventional outlook and fixed theories about the Temples. Fortunately, today many people are asking for the truth to be known, ready to rediscover old beliefs, explore new territories, accept new thoughts and welcome new realities. These unique temples, with their encoded secrets, might have the key to humanity’s ancient past. 
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Read the Introduction / 1st Chapter in English, Dutch and Italian.
​The novel is now translated in Italian and in Dutch.
"Translating a novel is an art because the novelist is an artist. 
Translating your Islands of Dream, a novelogue as you call it, 
appears to be high sensitive art." (Jacques Visker)
Artistic Creations/Publications:
The Age of Magic and Wisdom
Humankind's Evolutionary Journey and the Maltese Temples

Humanity had forgotten its own past but now is awakening from the deep slumber of the ages. It is finally becoming more receptive and accepting of its roots, hungry to learn the amazing story of its origins and development, and eager to move forward into a new reality. This novel helps us understand the long evolutionary journey of humankind on Earth. It is the second in a trilogy.

We re-encounter the characters of the first novel, Islands of Dream: Ranfis, Manwel, Rosaria, and young Franco. They discuss the epic of creation, the Council of Gods, Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations, the special mission of Atlantis, the internal conflicts that led to the demise of Atlantis, Thoth—the Master of the Egyptians—the building of the pyramids, and the important role of Malta and its temples.

This second novel brings to light the forgotten history of mankind. It reveals new insights about the Maltese sacred sites and their important role at the threshold of the New Golden Era.
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An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples 
A Cosmic Perspective and Guide.

Malta is unique with all its above ground, subterranean and underwater temples. Malta, in a way, is a ‘living museum.’ The origin of the mysterious temples of Malta stretches further back into prehistory that can be conceived by archaeologists. For the first time we have a ‘handbook’ that gives us a metaphysical and alternative view of these singular prehistoric stone structures.
Humanity has now reached the stage where it is open, eager and hungry enough for the ‘truth.’ We are now ready to shed the belief systems of contemporary thought and self-declared expert historians and see the temples in a different light. These structures are a glorious legacy left by our Ancient Ones for us to discover their real meaning and true power. It is time to remember how to understand them better.
The handbook was written in the spirit of fostering a thought-provoking dialogue and discussion. I am confident that this ‘alternative perspective’ will generate a different perception about the Maltese sacred sites, and that it will both intrigue you and entice you to visit them with a more open viewpoint. 

(Available by request from BDL: and from the author directly and from main bookshops on Malta.  The 2nd edition is avalable in ebook format from and from iApple and Amazon.
Sacred Cards and Postcards: Sacred Symbols of the Temples.
In 2010, Christine Auriela received insights about the sacred symbols of the Lemurian energy sites off the central coast of California in Cambria. In 2011, she received further information about the symbols of the sacred temples of Malta and Gozo. Each temple vibrates and pulsates in a Sacred Geometrical Form and it has its own coloured energy symbol. These symbols are 5D Light Patterns and Light Frequencies that will help us to raise our state of consciousness to the next dimension.  
Both sets are now in beautiful card form, designed by Francis on the Christine’s proposals. Each card has the sacred geometry symbol, the colour and an affirmative explanation of the energy of the particular site. 
Lemurian -- Atlantean
Sacred Symbols Cards
The Special Coloured Set of Cards        
(11 in each) of the updated Sacred Symbols of the Lemurian Energies and 
Atlantean Temples can be obtained from Christine or Francis  
 in person, via email and by post.
To order and mode of payment go to:
So place your order through Paypal & email us your choice of cardsquantity and 
address for shipment.
Francis started painting late in his life as a past-time and a way of self-expression when he was living in Brighton, England. He went on to achieve the Certificate in Art at the University of Brighton, UK. He draws his inspiration from his Maltese background and his experience in South America. He is a visionary artist, author, teacher and subtle energy temple guide. He likes the classic painters, especially Raffaello and Botticelli, although Byzantine art fascinated him. 

His favourite artists are Klimt and Vermeer, whom with their form, colour and texture gave him a lot of inspiration, and the experience of Peru, became later the subject matter of his paintings. But his greatest teacher was to be Mother Nature, and helped him to begin a dialogue with his heart and with his soul. Later he started to express in his paintings the rich cultural heritage of his native land: Malta. He had various exhibitions around in England, in Canada and in Malta. He draws his inspiration from his Maltese background and his living experience in South America and England. Here are collages of the collection: 

The Maltese Temples in Painting & Poetry: The book is a collection of paintings and poetry that captures the flavour and the energies of the Maltese prehistoric temples in a feast of verse and colour. It is a collaborative project of the collection of 14 paintings by Francis Xavier Aloisio depicting Malta’s Prehistoric Heritage of the Temples with a corresponding poem by Erika Brincat expressing the mystery, magic and spiritual essence of each Temple in verse. (Available in eBook format from Smashwords & all online bookshops.

Maltese Collection
Prehistoric Temples of Malta
English Collection
Peruvian Collection
If you feel the call to visit the sites found in Cambria or Malta, you will experience first-hand the awesome monuments and sacred-points of these ancient civilisations. Those who cannot physically visit these sites, have now the opportunity to connect with and tune in to these sacred and powerful energy sites through the magic of these sacred symbols. 
Here are the newly updated Sacred Symbols Cards. Included are the new symbols 
of the Crystal Cities of Ashuaratara (Malta) and Telos (California).
All Material, Text, Paintings, Maps, Copyright by Francis Xavier Aloisio - All Rights Reserved
In Malta, the Novels can be purchased from any bookshop and from BDL Ltd. Malta (Distributor) - or from the author directly. Overseas, the second edition of Islands of DreamThe Age of Magic and Wisdom and The New Temple Dreamers are available from Booklocker, Smashwords & Amazon and other on-line bookshops as hard-copies and in ebook format. 
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Warning: Reading these 3 Novels and the Alternative Handbook can seriously damage your belief system...or it can stir old forgotten memories!
Lemurian Energy Cards.
Atlantean-Maltese Temples Cards.
Third Novel: The New Temple Dreamers (The third and final part of the trilogy I have written about the prehistoric temples of Malta and Gozo). 
The Indigos, Crystals, Rainbow and Diamond Children are The New Temple Dreamers and the story of the period after Atlantis comes alive through their inquisitive eyes. These ‘new children’ are the enlightened citizens of tomorrow with a great affinity with nature and a cosmic awareness of the inter-connectedness of all things.
Come with us as Ranfis brings the children into a fanciful world of magic and folktales that are in truth very real. The story he weaves bring us into the time during the end of the temple building period on Malta and leads us through the post-Atlantis era, when new settlers and new civilisations arrived on these newly formed islands. We listen to the stories and myths from Malta after Atlantis.
Ranfis describes to the children how these post-Atlantis people settled on these islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino and used the old temples as their own way of seeing the new world. He also narrates the various festivals and celebrations that these new people held during the year and their many rituals and ceremonies.
Although the novel is dedicated to the ‘new children, nonetheless, all of us, who are ‘young in heart,’ are also the Future Temple Dreamers. It appeals to the ‘child within.’
It’s time that we remember who ‘we truly are’ - Spiritual Beings of Light in garments of human flesh. We all chose to incarnate at this point in humanity’s evolution so that we could assist in the process of awakening. We are witnessing a period of tremendous growth and the birth of the greatest period of abundance, beauty, love, truth, justice and peace ever known on Earth.
Available from leading bookshops on Malta and from BDL - Malta and from Smashwords and Amazon in ebook format. 

​What a Trip! is a self-reflective autobiography whereby I dare to write on such a personal subject and in such an open manner about sexuality and spirituality. I share my journey on the long road towards inner happiness and emotional maturity. My story/trip is also your own story and personal journey towards fulfilment and realisation of self.
It is dedicated to all my Mothers: My Natural Mother-Maria Rosaria, My Motherland-Malta-Sacred & Mystic and Mother Church–Holy & Roman.

Pendants and Jewellery: 
Soon these motifs will be finished in jewellery designs. 
The Islands of Dream Speak must be the first book to have all the different schools of thought and disciplines coming together under one roof. Reading all the diverse views and theories, and the varied testimonials and insights of those who came to experience the sites, give us a different perspective to the mysterious temples of Malta and will open our understanding to the mystery and the real purpose of the temples that we can tap into their silent wisdom. I feel that experiencing the temples from all these various aspects will open our understanding to the mystery of the temples so we can tap into the real wisdom of the temples. 
This ‘compilation’ of words and experiences found in this book is a fascinating ‘jigsaw puzzle’ about the prehistoric temples. It is the witness of something that is beyond ordinary science, as it is the science of the soul.
The book is an interesting, mysterious, intriguing and insightful written journey into the mysterious of these temples on these islands – the temples of the Stars and the Sun.
Now, it is up to the reader to hear them telling their own story! I ‘let the stones speak’ as Sir Temi Zammit, Malta’s leading archaeologists, suggested, and The Islands of Dream Spoke ‘for themselves.’

This booklet is an overall experience of the embodiment of all that is Maltese, depicted through beautiful imagery and creative symbolism. My paintings combined with the expressive prose of J.S. Abela provide an overview picture of the history, culture, and customs of Malta and its people. We have in fact an art exhibition in book-form that gives us an ‘Experience of Malta through the Ages.’
In this ‘second’ autobiography Coming to Light! the author takes us through his journey to creativity. He shares with the readers how he uncovered his inner talents of music, painting and writing later on in his life and how he managed to bring them to light and subsequently expressed in creative projects. It was a trip full of wondrous possibilities and incredible probabilities, filled with exciting surprises and gifted with miracles and synchronicities.