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Temple Journeying Groups 2017: Calendar of Tours
Remember that the small guidebook An Alternative Handbook was written with the aim to encourage people to do their own ‘self-guided journeys/visits’ to the temples. We will be happy to start your journey with a small informative presentation/talk about these sacred sites.
March: Start of Malta Temple Journeys. 
March 20th: Equinox experience with Mary O'Halloran's group.
March: BBSmith's group
April: Launch of Islands of Dream in Dutch.
April: Start filming the promo for the documentary on the Temples of Malta!
April: Cyril Trinchero's group.
April: Mieke Vulink's group
May: Dani group-Gozo
May: Elena Atanassow's group
May 8th: Presentation at Lotus tal-Qalb-Gozo
June: Start of the filming of the documentary on the Temples of Malta & Atlantis.
July: Presentation at Sunscape Festival on Gozo: Atlantis Call

​                      N.B: 2018: May 26th/27th
                    Conference on the Crystal City of Atlantis underneath Malta

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Experience of Malta: Travel Blog by Steven Walker in Malta

The u-tube presentation I gave on CCN - the Conscious Consumer Network, about the Origins 
of creation and humanity and the role of the 
Maltese Temples. via @YouTube

Significant and Power Dates of 2017: Numerically 2017 is a one year, 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1. One is the number that reflects rebirth, transformation and new beginnings.
Key Focal Dates: 28th January: Chinese New lunar year - this year's astrological sign is the Fire Rooster with the power energies of achievements.
Equinoxes/Soltices: March 20th: Spring Equinox; June 21st: Summer Solstice / 26th July: Planetary New Year; / August 8th: Lion's Gate Portal; September 22nd: Autumn Equinox; December 21st: Winter Solstice.
Eclipses during the year:Feb 10/11 Penumbral Lunar eclipse; Feb 26th: Annubral Solar eclipse; Aug 7th: Lunar partial eclipse; Aug 21st: Total solar eclipse.
2017: Big changes are on their way as our consciousness is trying to go to the next level. Doors will open that before have been stuck or locked...they are the 'doors' of opportunities. Time to celebrate as well as a time to go 'within.' It is time to release and to purge all old matrices, belief systems, pain, programming, memories etc and to take responsibility of the choices we make consciously. 
This year 'expect the unexpected and expect good things!'
​Quotes by Ranfis from Islands of Dream"There is something compelling about these structures; something mysterious in the stones; they fill you with awe and generate in you a humble reverence. The temples embody in them the history of humanity: past, present and future. The temples are the material and silent witnesses of the past and Malta is an open book that narrates and tells the whole history of the human race." 
Interview with 
Gary and Elyn on Malta-Islands of Dream
Blog Article - Pilgrimage to Malta by Elyn Aviva
Documentary on the 
Temples of Malta & 
Their Connection To Atlantis

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